1. Ron Resnick

    Einstein Silver Bullet OTL Mk. II Driving Wilson Audio Alexx

    I heard this afternoon the system of Danny Kaey, a Reviewer for Positive Feedback, which I think displays the fastest rise time in terms of dynamics, and the most instantaneous “jump factor,” I have ever heard (meaning ever). I visited Danny only for a couple of hours but from just a few...
  2. Believe High Fidelity

    Innovation in Tube Design - SOTA Single Ended Anyone??

    Greetings WBF Members! I am new to the WBF, but for more information about Believe High Fidelity we have made introductions here and if you plan to attend CES see our system here I would like to introduce Aries Cerat Designs and the groundbreaking technology introduced in their electronic...
  3. Mark (Basspig) Weiss

    Taking the OTL VT Concept to the Next Level: NO Transformers

    Back in the '60s, I built an OTL with 8020 triodes. It produced a modest 25 watts into 16Ω loads. After many years of tubes, then building the ultimate audio system over a 38 year period, I am back to tinkering for pure pleasure in the lab. So my fascination with OTL VT amps resurfaced after a...
  4. Mark (Basspig) Weiss

    Re-Living My Past (OTL Vacuum Tube Builds)

    Way back in the '60's I wanted to build a hi fidelity amplifier, but could not afford the output transformer of that quality. So I looked over several tubes that had low plate resistance and settled on the 8020/6AS7 back then and built an amp with 3 6AS7's. It put out 25W into 16Ω loads and was...

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