network audio

  1. Preston8452

    Something about " reclock " & "dejitter ", which I couldn't comprehend...

    Hi y'all, Firstly, sorry to bring out this old question again, but recently I just received this inquiry from my friend who is also on his way to digital streaming though, as we were discuss whether a network switch would help or not like everyone else, he sorta struck me with this, " Based on...
  2. Preston8452

    Some Little Truths about AES/EBU.

    Hi all, Have you wondered why there are some many types of digital audio transfer benchmarks? Anyways, so it's said that AES/EBU(AES3) is the the most common alternative to the S/PDIF, and typically used to transmit PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1, the cable is formed by 110 ohm shielded twisted...
  3. Preston8452

    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    I think it's been a quite controversial topic for years, like what's the difference between normal network switch and an audio grade network switch, the price difference is certainly obvious though... Anyway, I've done some researches, most audio reviewers say that under this " new digital...

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