1. MBL 111f Radialstrahler

    MBL 111f Radialstrahler

    A rare opportunity to own a pair of magnificent MBL 111f Radialstrahler omnidirectional speakers. The speakers are in excellent condition. The only issue is the grill covers are partially detached from their frames and have some visible adhesive from a previous attempt to reattach them. The...
  2. L

    Roon card for 1611F and N31

    At Kyomi Audio, we are among the very first users of the newly designed Roon card for MBL DACs by Jürgen Reis. All we can say is wow!! It took Jürgen a long time to develop and he made something truly spectacular. He personally told me that he galvanically isolated everything that he possible...
  3. Ron Resnick

    Jonathan Valin’s TAS Review of MBL X-Tremes

    “. . . the best loudspeakers I’ve heard in my home — or anyplace else, for that matter.” http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/mbl-101-x-treme-omnidirectional-loudspeaker/ Congratulations to Jürgen Reis and Jeremy Bryan!
  4. Ron Resnick

    MBL - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Not blessed this year with a large room, Jeremy Bryan, CEO of MBL North America, took the opportunity to showcase MBL’s second smallest speaker, the MBL 120. While not matching the thunderous dynamics of the 101E Mk. II I really enjoyed this small speaker because it had, to my ears, a smoother...
  5. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon at AXPONA 2019

    Gryphon Audio Designs will make a big splash at AXPONA this year. There is the world debut of a reference quality product which will be unveiled on Friday. There will be a 30 minute demo every hour, then the room will remain passive for the other 30 minutes. As there are only 20 seats for...
  6. Ron Resnick

    MBL North America/United Home Audio -- Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    One of my favorite events at an audio show is the after-hours tape listening sessions hosted by Jeremy and Tara Bryan of MBL North America and Greg Beron of United Home Audio. My wife and I dropped by on Friday night, and I visited the room again on Sunday morning. Jeremy was displaying...
  7. J


    Two renowned brands with their own followers...which is better, which is best? Is it only personal preference, of course history makes a difference, still, is there a winner or are the awards varied in each category? MBL Akustikgeräte – The Company Over the last three decades, MBL has...

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