1. R

    FS: Plinius Hautonga

    Plinius Hautonga in mint condition. Excellent build quality with a very good MM phono stage. This amp also has HT bypass so it can integrate into a theater system or be used with an external preamp. Transparent, musical, and tube sounding. Powerful enough to drive most speakers. Original box and...
  2. Believe High Fidelity

    Believe High Fidelity will be at Newport - Room 319

    Hello WBF, Since all the regulars renewed the bigger rooms we didn't have the option to bring the horns to Newport. So we will be introducing some other very cool things like the Diana which has been requested more than any other product and our Kassandra DAC all cabled with Vermouth Audio...
  3. G

    Jeff Rowland Continuum Series 2 Integrated Amplifier

    Jeff Rowland Design released the Continuum S2 integrated during 3Q 2013. Continuum S2 operates its output stage in class D. The new product is designed around new Pascal power conversion modules. Power rating is 400W over 8 Ohms, and 800W over 4 Ohms. The preamplifier section is based on the new...

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