1. U47

    Tape Project Complete Set Years 1-3 and Quinton Complete set 15 IPS Open Reel Tapes

    Complete early serial number Year One to Present Tape Project. 58 reels total plus small alignment tape. Complete run of Quinton(AAA from Germany) 15 IPS tapes(Sabina Hank, etc.) 18 reels total. All in Mint Condition. Some are out of print. $10,900 plus shipping.
  2. iceageaudio

    Cryo Treated Cables

    Hello all, I am new to this website, it was recommended to me buy one of my customers. My name is Rick and I own and operate I have been working in Cryogenics for the past few years and I've launched a gradually expanding product line. Currently our main focus is on Power...

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