1. A

    Innuos Pulse mini with LPs or Pulse?

    Hello, My dealer has only the Pulse Mini and I would like some opinions. I'll stream exclusively. From what I've gathered, the PS of the Pulse may be better than the additional LPSU for the Mini (well the Zen one). Have some of you compared the 2 iterations? or have an opinion between the SQ of...
  2. S

    Which vacuum tube has the most grids?

    I am currently working on a project that i envision will create a small pocket sized tube powered tape recorder and computer. I need to know which type of tube would work best as a processing unit. Right now my best option is going with a 7a8 and making an 8 bit processor but i would like input...
  3. ketcham

    Announcing the D-10,000 OTL/OCL DAC - an industry first!

    THE NEW D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC PROUDLY ANNOUNCING ALLNIC’S NEW FLAGSHIP DAC! Continuing to think about the theme of the last few blog entries here, it’s appropriate to pause from time to time and recognize again the incredible choices we are so lucky to have to enable the reproduction of music in...
  4. dCS Rossini DAC

    dCS Rossini DAC

    I'm selling out my entire stereo system as I'm moving to TX and building a new home with dedicated listening room. Won't be ready for at least a year or so and won't want to keep things in storage as my housing is up in the air. Here's the ad for my Rossini DAC (a year old now). All original...
  5. C

    Playback Designs USB-XIII

    Looking to buy an excellent condition Playback Designs USB-XIII box with all that comes with it. Price TBD based on seller's offer and negotiation. Thanks. Happy to throw in my USB-X for free as part of the price, so you Playback Designs owners that sell the USB-XIII will still have a USB-X...
  6. Ron Resnick

    Paul McGowan Prefers Digital

    In Paul McGowan’s post today, “Album art,” on his PS Audio blog,, he writes: “My readers will know I prefer the dynamics, life, and sound quality of proper digital on a system specific to the medium.“ I commented: I have great...
  7. A

    FS: Audience Au24SE Digital Cables - SPDIF/RCA and AES/EBU 1m length $385 each OBO

    I have two cables of the exact same kind available for sale. I have a SPIDF/RCA and an AES/EBU Audience AU24SE digital cables for sale. These are highly regarded digital cables that leave nothing on the table. They don't overemphasize any part of the frequency range and offer both resolving...
  8. T


    Hello; what do you consider to be the best way to listen to digital music? I have hear 48 khz is better than 44 khz and that 16 bit is not the complete range of the dinamic stuff but that 24 bit is to much that maybe 20 bit should be the best, why not a new digital numer 20 bit 40 khz...

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