1. U47

    FS: Speakers Corner, Alto, MFSL, King Records Classical LP Reissues- Large Lot- Decca

    Large Lot of Speakers Corner Decca, Alto, DCC, MFSL and King Records Classical LP Reissues. All opened LPs are in NM condition. The great majority are Speakers Corner reissues. Many are sealed. $1200 for the lot of 65 Records or will sell individually. Tchaikovsky* / Leopold Stokowski...
  2. P

    What would be utimate llist of metadata to allow accurate Classical Classification

    Hi, I wonder if any of you would be interested in helping me creating a list of the ultimate metadata for Classical. To allow me (and others) to develop better Classical support for my music tagger software as it seems Classical ethusists are poorly served by current software. As a mainly...
  3. Mark (Basspig) Weiss

    Just Finished Editing Another GBSO Concert!

    My company was hired to record another concert with the Greater Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra last weekend and I have just completed the multicamera edit and assembly of the surround sound audio tracks from our two microphone arrays. We shot with four high def cameras, three of which from the...

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