ch precision

  1. Emerald

    C1+T1+X1 or C1 Mono or something else?

    Hello, I am a new CH convert (from Naim, Devialet and Vitus). I am planning to purchase a full CH frontend comprising of C1 + T1(GPS) + X1 + M1.1. Speakers are not yet decided but I am looking at Focal Scala Utopia, B&W 802D3, Magico A5 or a used Tidal Sunray G2. When calculating, I found...
  2. P

    L10 landed

    Got the L10 last night and must say not many things in Hifi land exceed my expectations, but this thing is simply superb. The change in sound quality is monumental. The noise floor of my system has dropped significantly. As soon as my dealer and I got it in and switched it on everything was...
  3. ddk

    American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Anthony)

    I mention it often but the biggest pleasure I receive from producing AS2000 is the new friends I make and the chance to revisit old friends. Because of the AS2000 we take a timeout from our busy lives and have some fun and this trip was exactly that, Great Fun :D! This was my first time back...
  4. Ron Resnick

    Visit to MadFloyd

    While I was visiting PeterA in Boston Peter set up a listening appointment with Ian (MadFloyd). Peter and I spent some time with Ian ourselves, and then the three of us went out for lunch, and then Al M joined us for lunch and the four of us went back to Ian’s for additional listening...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Munich High-End 2018 Ron Report: Conclusion and Favorite Systems

    CONCLUSION I feel like the visitor attendance this year was below what I remember seeing in 2016. (Interestingly, Michael Fremer reported on Analog Planet that he feels this show had more visitors and was busier than prior shows, so he may have objective numerical information I do not have.)...
  6. Ron Resnick

    Visit with Jack D and the Von Schweikert VR-11SE Mk. II

    While I was visiting my wife in Tokyo Jack D invited us to visit him in Manila, Philippines, just four hours away from Tokyo. I enjoyed making Jack's acquaintance on WBF, and I was very curious to meet him in person and to see his legendary, state-of-the-art listening room and hear his...

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