1. Argento Audio SMR SE (Serenity Master Reference - Special Edition), Pure Silver AES/EBU

    Argento Audio SMR SE (Serenity Master Reference - Special Edition), Pure Silver AES/EBU

    Argento SMR SE, Serenity Master Reference-Special Edition. Very rare on the used market. Pure silver AES digital cable. ** SE (Special Edition) comes with Bocchino balanced connectors. Absolutely one of the best digital cables made. I prefer this cable to Transparent Reference XL in my DCS...
  2. C

    Custom headphone cables in the UK!

    There is a lack of custom headphone cable producers in the UK market and I aim to fix that! Neutrik jacks (in 3.5mm, 6.3mm, RCA and XLR, as well as 2.5mm, MMCX and SMC) and Canare Star Quad ensure high quality components, while the pictures speak for themselves when it comes to craftsmanship...
  3. Believe High Fidelity

    Vermouth Audio Cables - Best Price to Performance cable

    Hello WBF Members, I am new to the WBF, but for more information about Believe High Fidelity we have made introductions here and if you plan to attend CES see our system here. In a market flooded with bold claims of various precious metals, cryo treatments, proprietary shielding and price...

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