1. M

    BOSE COMPANION 20 vs AUDIOENGINE 2+ - comparison

    I'm out for blood. Which sucker on here suggested Audioengine 2 + to me? Because I wanna a refund, yea, a refund. I have owned the BOSE COMPANION 20 for five years and still, to this day, they are supremo, the standard in excellence. For reasons that I'm not sure of, being the BOSE still run...
  2. M

    Hello from Paris

    hi there, I came here in search of good computer speakers. I listen to a lot of techno and I need some good bass. I bought the pair of BOSE (no separate sub) with the volume wheel attachment (excellent design, that dial is super precise and easy to use) six years ago at Best Buy in NYC and those...
  3. K

    Headphone Survey

    Hey guys, We are students from the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. As part of our consulting project we are conducting a short consumer survey on headphones (should take around 7 mins to complete) It would be great if we could get feedback from you guys, especially those of...
  4. dalethorn

    Bose QC-25 Around-ear Noise Canceling Stereo Headphone review

    Here's the Bose QC-25 - the most famous of the noise cancelers I think. And it's extremely good at canceling noise, with a couple minor caveats. From what I hear with this headphone, they managed to not only be the best at noise cancellation, but they produced a near-perfect audiophile...

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