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  1. Preston8452

    Intriguing inquiry, are floor-stand speakers always better than active speakers?

    Hi guys, Just a general wondering though, nowadays I've seen a lot of new active speakers, and truth to be told, I find them quite professional indeed, when I go into an audio shop and ask some advice, some might even encourage to purchase the bookshelf speakers, as they're more cost-effective...
  2. K

    Singer/Songwriter Forum

    How about a Singer Songwriter forum?
  3. Preston8452

    Power, Network, Connection, Which one matters the most to you?

    Hi guys, When it comes to sound quality, I've realized there're freaking many factors could affect it, some say the DAC is the paramount thing to be taken care of; some say the speakers are the real crucial part, given that you hear all the sounds from them, there's no certain right or wrong...
  4. Preston8452

    Some Little Truths about AES/EBU.

    Hi all, Have you wondered why there are some many types of digital audio transfer benchmarks? Anyways, so it's said that AES/EBU(AES3) is the the most common alternative to the S/PDIF, and typically used to transmit PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1, the cable is formed by 110 ohm shielded twisted...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Introspection and hyperbole control

    Words are useful only to the extent they help us distinguish certain things from other things. In this hobby, which generally is subjective listening oriented and thus usually not quantitative or scientific oriented, we typically use words, and not numbers, to express our subjective views...
  6. Y

    new speakers suggestions

    Hello everyone, Let me start off saying I'm a complete noob when it comes to hi-def audio.. which is what brings me to my next question :) I'm looking for some new speakers for an office - preferably something that will go nicely with my desktop (nothing too big and not too many speakers all...
  7. O

    I need help please, to interpret the new vinyl after wandbuering 20 years in CD exile

    Hello- I am registered on Audio-Karma, Vinyl Engine, and JBL Heritage. My B & O turntable burned out with my ex-wife and all of my gear went into a closet. I'm very loyal to Yamaha and JBL I have a YP-D6 interim table with a decent Shure cartridge. I'm confused about so many vinyl choices...

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