1. J

    Klipsch R-15m vs Klipsch Rp-150m

    Hey everyone! I’m currently putting together my first home audio system for my living room. I’m torn between purchasing the Klipsch r-15m and the Klipsch rp-150m. I have a sub already but it’s not a great one, which I plan on upgrading eventually. I sit about 6-7 feet away from my tv and I’ll be...
  2. I

    Testing and feedback of new “Hi-Res” digital remastering algorithm

    Hi, I am new to this forum, and I would like to seek for testers and feedback of the digital remaster algorithm I built. Introduction While the term "hi-res audio" (that golden logo) has largely just marketing buzz to sell more expensive digital music, I also met many people in person that...
  3. Z

    New to Hi-Fi, Need Listening Suggestions

    Hello All!!! I am new to the hi-fi world! I actually have a very unique path. I came to this forum as someone that was aware of the forum as a builder for a company that goes by something that is close to *on ******rt. Specfically the 2013-2015 vintage. ANYHOW....I come to this forum because I...
  4. L

    Using a headphone or s/pdif cord as a microphone cord

    I want to record the audio from my digial piano,by sending the sound to my computer with windows 10. I have bougth a normal 3,5 mm minijack sound cable. My pc (laptop) only have 2 sound cords. One is a audio output, for example for headphones, and a s/pdif cord(which i am not 100% sure what...
  5. J

    FS: Mark Levinson No. 535H 5 Channel Mono Amplifier

    offering my Mark Levinson No. 535H 5 Channel Mono Amplifier at $3800 200w Per Channel at 8ohms New NOS Inventory - Unit comes with original packaging, accessory kit, and cables. No damage. Unit tested fully operational on all 5 channels. -Outside of Normal Factory Warranty Period-”...
  6. V

    Stereo Audio Amplifier Based on LM3886

    Circuit: Introduction of LM3886 The LM3886 is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 68W of continuous average power to a 4Ω load and 38W into 8Ω with 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz–20kHz. The performance of the LM3886, utilizing its Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature...
  7. P

    Sony Vegas audio trouble

    Hi I have a question: What is the best audio quality for Vegas 14? I used an output of 48,000hz and 16 bit to edit a video, using apple earphones, but when I play it through any computer system, it just sounds off and low quality. The project files range from different type of quality and...
  8. A

    I Need Help Understanding

    Hello, So I recently purchased some audio equipment, and am relatively satisfied with the results I have gotten out of them, but I am still looking for a bit more. Where my confusion begins, is I purchased a 4000 watt amplifier to power my 1600 watt 8 ohm speaker, and the amp offer 700 watt...
  9. fork

    Our Newest Video! -- "The Jaguar Guide to Buying Vinyl"

    This segment is targeted at those just getting into vinyl. The project has turned into a 3-part vinyl video series, starting with Jaguar Turntable Setup, now Buying Vinyl and Part 3, my "50 Best Pressings", which is coming around January and I expect the one this crowd will be most interested...
  10. Believe High Fidelity

    Vermouth Audio Cables - Best Price to Performance cable

    Hello WBF Members, I am new to the WBF, but for more information about Believe High Fidelity we have made introductions here and if you plan to attend CES see our system here. In a market flooded with bold claims of various precious metals, cryo treatments, proprietary shielding and price...
  11. Y

    new speakers suggestions

    Hello everyone, Let me start off saying I'm a complete noob when it comes to hi-def audio.. which is what brings me to my next question :) I'm looking for some new speakers for an office - preferably something that will go nicely with my desktop (nothing too big and not too many speakers all...
  12. LarsS

    Credibility of Audio Reviews

    How do we or better do we evaluate/rate and judge the credibility, quality and possible bias of audio equipment reviews. Many of us that sometimes don't have the possibility to hear and evaluate for themselves use reviews/opinions as basis for purchase of audio equipment. I have in storage...
  13. W

    Fidelizer 6.0 Released with big update and upgrade program

    As you’re aware that there’ll be upgraded version of Fidelizer in upcoming release. However, it doesn’t decrease the quality of works I put into original Fidelizer one bit. Version 6.0 comes with big changelog fixing various issues found thorough the year. It also have some changes and...
  14. Amado

    My Audio Research System

    Come and have a look of my 2ch Room
  15. M

    Tonsil - Polish Audio System

    Hello everyone! I just wanna ask you for your opinion about this speakers. Have you ever heard about it? This is the best producer in Poland and I'm interested in your opinion. Here you can hear it: PS. Sorry for my english. I'm Pole;)
  16. Mark (Basspig) Weiss

    Herbert von Karajan Memorial Concert Blu-ray: Dimensionless Recording but Nice Perfor

    Just watched the Herbert von Karajan Memorial Concert on Blu-ray. It's nice when you have 11 video cameras and a wraparound platform that is mere feet from the orchestra to shoot from. That is the good thing about this video. Now for my technical comments: The video looked like decent 720P...

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