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    Need help choosing audio equipment for sound setup (diagram inside)

    I am looking for the simplest / cheapest equipment for the following setup. It should be noted that I am a complete newcomer when it comes to audio. The setup is as follows: - I have a sound output (an instrument) that I currently connect my headphones to directly. - I want to...
  2. W

    Khadas Tone Board Looking for Reviewers!

    Thank you for What's Best Forums allow us to post a thread of Khadas Tone Board here and let more user know our Tone Board. And we take this chance to invite the forum members to ask for sample reviews. Please link to to get more free sample reviewing details. if...
  3. M

    What are the best desk speakers for a MacBookPro

    Hi there, I am looking to replace the speakers I have hooked up to my MacBookPro. Looking for desk-based, USB-based (or otherwise compatible, even if I have to use special audio-to-USB adapters without too much loss) computer speakers with booming bass so I can blast my techno music and my...
  4. AudioFlea

    AudioFlea, Your New HiFi Marketplace is Here!

    Good morning audiophiles! My business partner, Todd DeSantis and I may have met some of you over the past year at Axpona and THE Show Newport but if we haven't, we are excited to meet you now and we invite you to come check out our fresh approach to HiFi Classifieds, A...

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