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    Wireless Microphone System not working properly

    Hi there, I work at an auditorium that currently uses the Beyerdynamic Opus 600 Wireless Microphone System. Our setup is as follows: - an unknown number of antennas above the stage or elswhere in the auditorium - 1 UHF Antenna Splitter (Opus ZAS 800) - 3 UHF True Diversity Receiver (Opus NE...
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    Roccat Khan Aimo vs Roccat ELO 7.1 USB

    Hello everyone, I would like to buy a new gaming headset. I am currently using Roccat Kave and those are great, but too old now. So I am looking for a new one. I am thinking either Roccat Khan Aimo or Roccat ELO 7.1 USB. I don't want wireless. Which one you guys think is better? Lastly I want...
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    wireless mic problem

    Hi guys i am new on here so forgive me if i am a bit slow starting lol please help with my problem below i have two camcorders and two wireless lav mic systems i am wanting to mic up bride and groom at a wedding but the problem is that the bride wont want a mic on her is there a way i can use...
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    Sony Vegas audio trouble

    Hi I have a question: What is the best audio quality for Vegas 14? I used an output of 48,000hz and 16 bit to edit a video, using apple earphones, but when I play it through any computer system, it just sounds off and low quality. The project files range from different type of quality and...

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