1. Ron Resnick

    Rockport Arrakis (fully-upgraded by Andy) For Sale on Audiogon

    I just talked to the seller. This is a very interesting and unusual opportunity for someone who has always wanted these amazing speakers.
  2. Ron Resnick

    Visit to Gryphon Audio Designs / Pendragon Review

    INTRODUCTION My wife and I planned a trip to Denmark for the purpose of auditioning the Gryphon Audio Designs Pendragon loudspeaker system. I had been anticipating with excitement this audition for so long that I could barely get to sleep the night before it! My wife and I traveled from...
  3. Ron Resnick

    Genesis 1.1 Review

    INTRODUCTION On December 6, 2015, my wife and I visited the home of WBF member Audiocrack to listen to his Genesis 1.1 system. Mike Kay of Lyric Hi-Fi played for me Reference Recording’s Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique on the Infinity Reference Standard V driven by Jadis electronics and spun...

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