1. ketcham

    Allnic and All Things Analog - A November Celebration for Eastern Canada!

    For those who live in the Toronto region or a reasonable driving distance to Freelton, Ontario, Canada, this upcoming weekend is Corby’s Audio new showroom opening! Some may ask why I’m promoting a competitor. Don Corby is anything but a competitor; he is, in many ways, my mentor, very...
  2. Ron Resnick

    Paul McGowan Prefers Digital

    In Paul McGowan’s post today, “Album art,” on his PS Audio blog,, he writes: “My readers will know I prefer the dynamics, life, and sound quality of proper digital on a system specific to the medium.“ I commented: I have great...
  3. Believe High Fidelity

    Believe High Fidelity will be at RMAF 2018 in room 2014 - 9 new products Debuting!

    Hello WBF Members, Believe High Fidelity is proud to make a return to RMAF with JWM Acoustics to debut some significant products for the first time in the USA. PM me for a private demo if you plan to attend to get the most of your experience in the room. Bring your LP's and USB drives (sorry...
  4. J

    For Sale: Durand Tonearms Telos Reference Tonearm - HUGE DISCOUNT!!!

    The Durand Tonearms Telos is the finest tonearm I have ever owned or heard. This is a second Telos that I own and no longer need. Since it was used as a second arm, it has seen very light use. It is in excellent condition and comes with all the original packaging, tools, etc. The current...
  5. J

    Wave Kinetics NVS Reference Turntable Review on Positive Feedback

    David Robinson just published about his 5 year experience with the Wave Kinetics NVS Reference Turntable and the Durand Tonearm Telos. It can be read here...
  6. Cody@TARA

    SME Model 20/3

    Lately we at TARA Labs have been experimenting with a wide variety of turntables. Most notable of all has been the spectacular Walker Black Diamond Mk.III - however with a price ranging close to six digits, it is probably not for everyone. Another fantastic turntable has been the SME Model...
  7. U47

    European Tape Decks- Pic of my system

    IT has been pretty dead here. Tape never sleeps at U47 headquarters. Shown in pic is a rare(in the US) ASC AS6002 two track deck. This machine is based on the Braun TG-1000. Discrete electronics and the great German Bogen Heads. IEC and NAB switchable at 7 1/2 and 15 ips. The other deck is my...

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