1. FS: Audio Research REFERENCE 75 amplifier

    FS: Audio Research REFERENCE 75 amplifier

    I'm selling my ARC REF75 amp (not SE version), asking $4250 (+ shipping). I am the original owner. The amp has KT150 tubes with ~1700 hours on them, and the original KT120 tubes (which have only ~100 hours on them.) I don't remember exactly the hours when I replaced the 6H30 tubes, but one was...
  2. C

    Help an amateur find an amplifier

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my audio solution at home, and I thought this forum might be of help. Suffice to say, I know very little about the subject I have a pair of B&O Beolab S80 2s at my desk, which were up until recently powered by a Schiit Modi 2 DAC, and a Harmann Kardon BDS...
  3. Audiolimits

    SMT room at Audio Limits

    "Our new showroom is absolutely incredible, never have we heard music sound so real and live. There is no attention to a sound system at all. It sounds as though the artist are in the room with you and it transports you where the event took place. It captures all of the natural decay times as...
  4. J

    New release Chord Pre and Power amps: Any experiences of these here?

    There is a glowing review reporting on the new tech development by John Franks here: I wonder if there are any owners or those who’ve heard these here? Where do they sit in the scheme of amps...
  5. Audiolimits

    FM Acoustics 811 MKII Resolution series Amplifier. (rare)

    Up for sale we have a beautiful FM Acoustics 811 MKII amplifier. This amp is in like new condition and was serviced in 2015 by FM Acoustics in Switzerland. We had FM Acoustics install the new LED lights like the 1811 has (replacing the older style light bulbs that burned out often). This...
  6. J

    Is this right? Chasing the Dragon.

    Sorry at the outset for the ambiguous title...however several questions come to mind. First is I amazing discussion lead by one poster on an Audiogon Forum who has actively pursued testing amps to find the best. Here's his starter quote: <So I have been in a long...
  7. J

    The Definitive Solution...

    Of course, there's no such thing. Indeed from a philosophical perspective, drive for perfection is along with actualisation the top of the motivation hierarchy and keeps us growing, driving us forward in technology skills and aspiration. And yet here is a commanding review from recent times...
  8. Mark (Basspig) Weiss

    What I've Seen in the Vintage Amp Repair Business

    It has been about a year now since I’ve opened the doors of my shop to the general public. In that year, I have seen an amazing range of different amplification devices. While about 70% of my work involves guitar amplifiers, I have also seen my share of audiophile equipment. Reel to reel...

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