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Thread: Schnerzinger cables - any experience?

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    Question Schnerzinger cables - any experience?

    I had an in-home demo from a Scherzinger dealer over the weekend. Unfortunately I only had an hour whilst the normal process takes 3 hours, so could only test the interconnects. They produce all kind of cables and power distribution systems aimed at preventing noise from entering the system and removing it between components.

    Demoed the X5000, X8000, along with some 'tuning' units that plugged into the ends of the cables, and a 'cleaner' device (that plugged into the digital RCA input of my DAC (!) and is said to rid the system of noise). No time to test speaker, power cables or distribution.

    Both IC models (with and without the tuning elements plugged in) comfortably bested my Siltech Snow Lake G5's. Increase in speed, resolution, naturalness of treble, extension, space. Much deeper view into the music.

    The prices, although expensive, are reasonable when compared to some other brands.

    The company started commercially Nov 2011 so are just over a year old. Only a few accounts of these cables can be found online.

    Their technology is an advanced metallurgical treatment of the silver conductor called molecular processing/atomic bonding. I have had great experience with cables that focus on metallurgies (siltech). Their site has very interesting information on the process. They describe 4 approaches: untreated pure conductor material, treated pure conductor material (long mono grain structure), complex treated alloy (silver mixed with gold - i.e. siltech), and finally schnerzinger atomic bonding which results in pure and long crystalline metal structures. They seem to be unique in this, although the top top Siltech cables recently feature mono XTAL technology which is also free of gold, prices of which of course catastrophic.

    Unfortunately they do not lend out cables for extended in home demos as they need to ensure the cables are matched to the system which they can only do with themselves present for the setup. The have two lines; custom which are matched and tuned to each individual system and x-line which are more versatile with equipment changes but are not said to achieve quite the performance of the custom line.

    I went into the demo thinking no way they would top my current Siltech cables... I was wrong. Was an eye-opener. These cables may be the holy grail, not aware of any other brands with such advanced processing capability.

    Has anyone heard about these guys/use these cables?

    (Note I am in no way affiliated in the industry, as I realize this post may come across suspicious. Just here to learn from other people experiences.)

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    The Schnerzinger Kabel manufakture is a german very small company who is speciallized in radiation and metallurgy research. They started making cables over 20 years ago, but for commercial hifi use they doing it only for 2 years. The Schnerzinger Kabel performance can not be compared to any other cable i know. From my experience with these cables i can truly say "The improvement you can reach with a whole Schnerzinger cable set up is far behind imagination", but for getting the "Magical" it is important to run a whole Schnerzinger set up. You may have big improvements by changing a single cable but at the end you need a whole Schnerzinger set up. Like you said, they are expensive but compared to their performance they are reasonable but i promise you, when you start using Schnerzinger you have to go the whole way.
    I say this because after an in home demo i thought i only have to buy one XLR X-5000 cable to be satisfied. After over 3 month! waiting i got the cable and i was so happy what it did with my system. After 4 weeks i ordered the next XLR X-5000 and my system was making music and not hifi anymore. This was a huge step and i felt like i was on drugs. But from this point i felt and knew that i had to go the whole way.
    Now with a Schnerzinger speaker cable, a whole Schnerzinger power distribution system - Innovator and Cleaner- i am at the end of the road. I never thought before that a recreation of a recorded "Music Event" is possible. It is impossible to imagine what happens to my system with these cables without having heard it. BUT- it was also a huge financial step too, which i did not planned to go. And that, i want to make clear: You can not stop when you start with just one! Schnerzinger cable. i know an audiophile knows this because it is always that way. But here it is different, because the steps are huge, even compared to changes of components like amps, front ends etc.

    For example: i changed my amps from Spectral DMA 100 to Spectral DMA 360 MK2. For me a big difference in sound and money. The change from my cables- one of the reference cables of Stereophile and Absolute Sound- to a whole Schnerzinger Kabel System was huge. Both in sound and money too! And that is point. I spend so much money now into my hifi system and forgot that there are other things around. Holidays, bikeking, motorcycle, photographing etc. Yes, the Schnerzinger cables turns a good hifi system into an oustanding music system. But once you change to just one Schnerzinger cable the musical improvements forces you to go the whole way. And that means a whole bunch of money- and keep in mind the value of used cables is terrible.

    I strongly advice you to consider this!

    Here are some links of Schnerzinger reviews i found:





    Here is a review of the Cleaner:


    Hope my words will help you.

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    Will contact them for a offer on the custom line.

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    Would love to hear your take on these cables.

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    Attachment 7378

    Look at size of the AC cable with blue 32A connector.
    This will be a perfect match to Boulder 3050, 2050 and 2060, also the FMA amps.

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    Note that a schnerzinger demo would require someone from schnerzinger to come to your home to determine which cables are the best match for your system and components. They need to be personally present. I believe their representation is currently only Germany based.

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    They are based in Dortmund, a two hour flight from here.

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    Two of my friends tried to borrow those cables, but no go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elberoth View Post
    Two of my friends tried to borrow those cables, but no go.
    They are three months back ordered

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard View Post
    They are based in Dortmund, a two hour flight from here.
    Lets hope they will be able to check in a few extra bags... for the demo I had at my place in Nov Hans-Jurgen brought around 4 crates weighing around 15Kg each! I guess if you go straight for the top X8000 in the custom line and agree upfront whats needed you could cut down on a lot of weight.

    In any case they must be present- HJ would not even let me borrow the demo cable for a short time to make more extended comparisons against my siltechs. He would not be able to guarantee I would use them in the recommended config after he would leave to garauntee they operate at their full potential.

    I hope they agree to the oversees demo, would be great to hear your thoughts. Also great advertising for them if they impress you and even more so if you would purchase.

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