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Thread: Anyone Compared the New 6550/KT88s out there in their Amps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilson1 View Post
    What amps have you guys upgraded to, microstrip & Davey?
    The conrad johnson premier 350 and later the VTL MB750 and Atmasphere MA-2s, among many others. I needed more power for Soundlabs - first the A4's and later A1's.

    Can we know what are the speakers and the preamplfier?
    DCS Vivaldi 2.0 stack, Metronome Kalista / Kondo KSL DAC, Soundlab A1 Px's , EMT927, SME3012R, ARC Phono 3, ARC REF40, VTL Siegfried II, TA Opus MM2 speaker and signal, TA XL digital, TA XL gen V power cables, CenterStage footers and Nordost Qkore8's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by microstrip View Post

    Have you experienced the magic of well set up VT150SE system? In some aspects you need at less a REF250 SE to replace the VT150SE.

    It is one of the few amplifiers I often say I could have stopped without regret.
    Micro, have you experienced an amp utilizing the new KT120's or better still, the KT150's?

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    Wonder if everyone is still liking the sound of Shuguang Treasure KT88-Zs? I just popped a new pair into my ARC Ref10 phono PS that I had lying around from when this thread started. I really like the sound of the mids and top end better than either the Sovteks or SEDs Winged "C"s, but they're going to need some time to open up and the bass lacks impact. Both the 6550s variants are a little grainy on top in the phono stage as Marty originally noted. Any other options?

    Oh, any observations on reliability? Thanks!

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    Barry...Try General Electric 6550A 1970's production for excellent detail and neutrality, Tung Sol Solid grey plate early 1960's or late 1950's Black plate if you are looking for a smooth and tonally rich presentation, NOS 70's Gold Lion KT88's if you can find them and can spare a Kidney, Vintage NOS General Electric KT88's are also pretty good.

    Currently running an ARC Ref10 Line.

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