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Thread: Koetsu Coralstone

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadis View Post
    Hi Kcin,

    Good to hear from a fellow Koetsu user. The Rosewood Platinum is indeed quite a unique model. It stands in between the wood neodymium models and the stone platinum models. And as a platinum model, I was told it can even be fitted with a diamond cantilever if requested. I have only heard it (non-diamond cantilever) once, in a customer's place, for a few sessions, and it struck me truly as possessing the sound qualities of the Rosewood Signature with a tad more speed, cleanliness and added bass punch. Needless to say, it possessed too the much talked about Koetsu midrange magic. The owner also used a Koetsu SUT.
    Thank you Jadis!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcin View Post
    Thank you Jadis!
    My pleasure, Kcin.

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    Distributor told me,also the new mc trans is more open with more aire like the new generation of cartridge.
    Outside is the same,the new has the trans inside encapsulated,while the old you can see well the trans

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