Hi , vpn thank you for the advice, i will investigate further.
First impressions on totaldac d1 and bibacord.
I received the d1 yesterday, and quickly hooked up, with aes/ebu generic cable borrowed from a friend ~ 100€ value and an audioquest cinnamon usb cable i own.
Let me give you some clarifications on my system so you got a better picture.
I m using devialet200 as pre/dac/ streamer. I use roon/air on devialet as roonend point and macbook pro as roon core.
Roon/air on devialet is really really good.
Some guys commared it to trifecta ultrarendu , some to very capble streamers i dont recall now, and it was very close to not say better.
My self , in my system , the only clear winner who bested roon/air is aurender n10 Linked to devialet via aes.
So, yesterday, first 10 mn of listening, i realised that this d1 is on a par with the n10( ouff!!!! I was so nervous that i made a wrong choice based on reviews only)
D1 sounds amazing in my system!
Most obvious aspects: depth and 3d of the soundstage.( of course details , tones, dynamic, separation etc etc ... are abundant)
What i mean by depth is it s ability to project the scene - studio- space where the performance is played fantastically by all means.
The seperation of instruments is so spot on, that it create that feeling of being there.
I forgot to mention, that to my surprise i received the psu for the server, that i wasn t aware of was included in the price.
Another aspect of the sound was a big improvement from roon/air is the highs.
They are so real and so open and so clear. Drums sound very real!
Today when i received the bibacord, hooked it, everything i mentioned went up a notch!
This d1 sounds really amazing, making details jump on you on such a way that you know each player position exactly.
These are my first impressions, and i m still waiting for a friend usb cable ( brand is curious) to check what improvement i can more expect after buying the gigafilter usb.
I hope it wasn t very long !