There is a pretty lively discussion going on at a computer audio forum I frequent. A gentleman there who sells, among other things, computers optimized as audio sources, firmly believes that the only way to remove the noise from a computer music source is to hunt it down everywhere it occurs and get rid of it: minimize OS operations, hard disk drive, linear power supply, etc. He upgrades computers for this purpose, so he has a stake in it, but I believe he is sincere. The thing is, I've gotten great results from simple isolation. Well, not really simple. I send USB out of my MacBook Pro to a Trends UD 10.1. The Trends galvanically isolates, re-clocks then puts out coax, toslink, AES/EBU and BNC. I believe it is working for two reasons: 1) It sounds great; I'm getting a super clean signal to my active speakers and my headphone system. 2) it makes sense. By isolating and re-clocking outside of the MacBook, I have left behind all the noise, interference and jitter that is in my Mac. Right? Or am I missing something?