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Thread: "Serious" use of headphones

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    Follow up post...decided after reading about the Grado 4.5m extension cable, Cardas 3.0m extension cable and the Pangea 4.5m extension cable to get the latter...apparently well designed, well built using Cardas wire. It is the store label from Audio Advisor. Sounds great so far ie, no material change vs using just the 3.0m Sennheiser cable alone.
    Speaker: Wilson X1 + Velodyne DD18+
    Source: Zanden 4Box Digital
    Amp: CJ GAT2 + Gryphon Colosseum
    Cable: TA Opus Gen5&MM2 + PAD 25th Sablon GCUber
    Isolation Sandwiches: Under: HRS.Stillpoints.Auralex Top: HRS.Artesania.Entreq.EAT.90kg Mass Damp
    Power/Ground/Shield: 7 + 16A Furutech . Burmester948 . NordostQX4 / Tripoint Troy Sig+Thor . Entreq Atlantis / Receivus/Everest/Wrap
    Room/Tube: Stillpoints Apertures / Amperex.Mullard
    Headphone: Sennheiser 650 . Arcam rHead . ApogeeGroove

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    My home headphone rig consists of the Kennerton Odin planar magnetic headphones and the Chord Hugo2 DAC-amp to drive them.
    The Kennerton Odin is some of the best high end headphones you can find even compared to the lastest Stax.
    If one day i can afford them i will purchase the Hifiman Susvara, dream headphones.

    Speakers : Thiel CS 3.7
    Amp : Classé CAP-151
    Source : Hegel HD12
    Interconnect : Cardas Golden Cross XLR
    Speaker cable : Siltech LS4-120
    Headphone rig : Kennerton Odin + Chord Hugo 2

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