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Thread: How do I know if my current AC is good or bad?

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    If you really want to know hire someone to do some tests. Issues with noise on AC aren't necessarily audible as far as pops, clicks, etc. but do reduce resolution and add a "haze".

    If you want to try out one of my SurgeX conditioners I do demo them, you just pay shipping. They are used in Carnegie Hall, Yankee Stadium, used by NASA, Lockheed, etc, etc... unlike many conditioners/regenerators you can use them with large amplifiers and they also provide transparent surge protection that doesn't dump excess surge energy to ground.

    I'd also suggest a Furutech GTX NCF receptacle to feed your choice of power distribution. I use the NCF receptacles and 20A IEC inlet in my SurgeX and it makes a big difference, so big it's usually shocking. Sorry...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3rdRock View Post
    I think you are right. One way to know for sure would be to have my AC analyzed with the proper equipment by someone who knows how to properly interpret the readings. My cheapest option at this point may in fact be for me to audition a few of the power cleansing devices in my system from a dealer who allows for this or has a good return option. I am currently intrigued by the PS Audio P20 Direct Stream Regenerator. I see where they have a good trial/return policy.
    The question is that there are many problems and many approaches to mains correction. A little knowledge about the problems can reduce the number of devices we should try and help choosing the proper one. No device is perfect - IMHO all of them have compromises. Depending on equipment, reaction of our systems to mains problems can be very different.

    The PS Audio P20 seems a very good unit - I know about two local P10 users that changed to the P20 as soon as they compared them in their systems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by microstrip View Post
    The PS Audio P20 seems a very good unit - I know about two local P10 users that changed to the P20 as soon as they compared them in their systems.
    I'm curious... do they use the P20 with their amps or only on their front end stuff?

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