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I Believe all the three Amps are Special designs and deserves attention and adoration:

Gryphon Mephisto Stereo is a very very powerful amp can handle almost all speakers and very big rooms i have used the Gryphon whit the Robert Koda K10 preamp which i preferred above the Gryphon Pandora as pairing preamp.Very natural great macro details more than enough resolution (Some amps can have more resolution in a bad way) it is Build as a Tank and i wood not know which other Transistor Power amp i will prefer instead.Bass is powerful and fast midrange is just fine not to warm but also no electronic hardness at all treble is open can sound very big and very intimate depending on recording.
I have to say, having the CJ GAT 2/Colosseum...I have never really felt any urge to consider the Pandora. While I could be missing out...I really like the combination which definitely feels to me to have a certain quality that 'draws me in' so i have left it. And it sounds very much the same with your fantastic Koda/Mephisto combination. Great to know that you have actually tried Pandora and preferred your existing combination.