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Thread: Review: Reference 3A Reflector monitors

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveyF View Post
    Al, while you are at it, might want to see how the Reflector's sound placed straight ahead- with no toe-in. I have found that in many cases in smaller rooms, this is the best set-up for stage width and depth. The sweetspot usually increases in this set up..although many times marginally.
    That is an interesting suggestion. I can not imagine the stage becoming even bigger - wider and deeper. It is already huge in Al's system, but the great part is that instruments and vocals are more or less scaled convincingly, from small scale string quartets, to solo piano, to singer or choir, and within the limits of the front of his room, the size of an orchestra. One of the really good qualities is Al's sense of space, scale, and big, holographic sound - from the sweet spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterA View Post
    That is an interesting suggestion. I can not imagine the stage becoming even bigger - wider and deeper.
    The stage does become a bit wider with some toe-out but not by much. I'll try what happens without full toe-out.


    I have posted a new thread:

    Footers under tube amp

    I'd ask for further discussion about footers to be conducted there.


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