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Thread: Italian top cartridges

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    Italian top cartridges

    Mr Roberto Torlai,
    very famous in Italy and Europe to repair all kind of cartridges,
    is some years that produces very good carts

    I listen only in show and never at home,but sound is very good.
    My friend with many carts like Blue Lace,Proteus,XV1T,ART 1000,has also the TURCHESE model,price list 3.700 euro and 4.200 the low output and love this cart for his natural and neutral sound

    His top model is GIADA,euro 6.000,then do a true mono with one bobin at 1.600 euro and other cheaper model

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    Torlai did a great repair on a transfiguration cart for a past client of mine!
    Solypsa Audio

    Distributor in North America for
    Sensitive Sound MC Cartridges

    Available for in home setup and calibration of fine turntable systems

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