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Thread: PH-3 interfacing

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    PH-3 interfacing


    Recently I acquired a PH3 phono preamp to be mated with LS7 line stage. Unfortunately I am not sure that this combination may be driven by a 0.2-0.3mV output MC cartridge.

    Before testing and soldering the different resistors to get the suitable load I would like to know your thought about this issue. Actually I get this AR couple to utilise my several MC carts avoiding additional step-up transformer but I have some doubt whether this may be accomplished with clear dynamics and low S/N.

    May be that I have to change this phono preamp with other one? The AR Reference Phono could be a better choice? I had the occasion to buy it but someone told me that it is too much for my LS-7 line stage.

    Consider that I prefer full vacuum technology design.

    Moreover: wishing listening with headphones directy to power amp (my wonderful VT-50) how may I connect it? Why AR don't foresee headphones outputs in their power amps?

    Thank you for useful tech help!


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    new-ish gsi-75 integrated from arc has a headphone socket. also, you can option in a phono stage module as well.

    ph-3 has low max gain of around 52db, so you will need at least 0.5 - 0.6mv cart in order for it to work well.
    0.2-0.3 is very low output.

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