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Thread: Schröder LT and SOTA Cartridges

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    Schröder LT and SOTA Cartridges

    Does anyone have an Air Tight Opus 1 or a Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement mounted on a Schröder LT tonearm?
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    turntable: American Sound AS-2000; tonearms: SME 3012R, Schröder LT; cartridges: ZYX UNIverse Premium X-SB2, Air Tight Opus-1; tape: Studer A820 Mk II; phono stage: Aesthetix Io Eclipse with 2 power supplies; line stage: VTL TL-7.5 Series III; amplifier: VTL Siegfried Series II; loudspeaker: Gryphon Pendragon; cables: MasterBuilt Ultra; stands: Vintage Audio Nothing racks, Herzan TS-140/Taiko Tana for Io, Stacore Basic+ for amps; power: Benjamin Electric subpanel, JPS in-wall wire, Furutech NCF outlets, Torus AVR60BAL; room: 19' wide X 24' long X 14' tall; acoustic treatment: SoundSense A.T.I. + Lumitex drapes + Vibramat, ASC IsoThermal Tube Traps; tweaks: Shakti Stones, Shun Mooks, self-propelled sound-absorbing cocker-poo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Resnick View Post
    Does anyone have an Air Tight Opus 1 or a Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement mounted on a Schröder LT tonearm?
    Once you buy the LT and get your system up and running just tell me Ron. I will lend you the Opus1. Just pay for the freight and don’t be so clumsy.


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    I do not have a Shroeder LT but I do have a Shroeder Model 2, and I mounted a Goldfinger Statement on it before. This plus a Graham Phantom 2 are what I listen to the most. With Model 2 the sound was warmer and with much better and fuller bass than Phantom 2. The warmness added density and texture, but not to the extent of mellowing out treble like MY Sonic Hyper Eminent (also in my collection). First impression after mounting the Goldfinger Statemen on Model 2 was how smooth and non-mechanical the sound was. Through Phantom 2, sound was faster and more agile, but also thinner and brighter. Orchestral and vocal more suitable through Schroeder and Jazz and pop more suitable through Graham.
    Obviously my Model 2 is not as expensive as LT so please take my listening notes with a grain of salt...

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