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There is a misunderstanding room sever not room GUI
Use room to pick hq player as an end point or output.
This Is best sound and while roon has gotten better so has hq player
No ona two pc setup it’s even better but still must be roon sever
Roon GUI is too bloated. Now if you choose to use a sanore there is no harm and it may be even better
I also recomend a net work isolator like

En http://www.emosystems.com/product/en-30/
This isolates your network ina true manor no chipset just a transformer
Thanks but I'm a bit confused on the PC setup. I have 1 PC with Roon + HQPlayer, I use the Roon GUI which connects to the local HQPlayer to an ultrarendu to DAC. What would be split onto 2 PCs? Roon on 1 PC and HQplayer on another I guess?