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Here I was thinking that you were giving a comprehensive review of the RS....disappointing.

Spent some time against the Opus today on Billy's system (been spending a lot of time there lately) with the Primary Control Kinea. The one clear difference is that there is a HUGE difference in the loading between the two. Impedance matching is essential to optimize for the cartridge, not the phonostage. Cartridges are electro-mechanical and while the manufacturer may not publish the recommended impedance (due to very different Phono stages) you must ALWAYS load it properly to get the best sound.

Billy and I both much preferred the RS on the Kinea with the Primary Control Reference 9in. The Transrotor was on its special dedicated stand for the A/B of the two TT systems using the Graham Phantom Elite and Air Tight Opus. A little unfair though because we did not have loading pins for the under 500 ohms for the Opus and as mentioned it like to be loaded closer to 100 for best sound

Talos presentation was very surreal. Hard to describe until I have more time to understand this phenomenon.
From the photographs, it looks like you compared the Opus to the RS using different arms and tables? Or did you switch the cartridges around? I would find if very difficult to reach any conclusions about the differences between the cartridges without a direct comparison of each contridge in the same arm/table/cable/phono combination.