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Thread: Vienna Acoustics The Music

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    Vienna Acoustics The Music

    cant have them for listening.

    whats your opinion about them?
    im not see enthusiasm from these speakers.

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    If you can't listen to them in your system in your room, don't buy them.

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    Bump. I han a 2nd generation pair of Beethovens that were high quality, extremely musical and transparent speakers that the only shortcoming I can speak of was the limited spl. They just couldn't rock and while VA spec'd those woofers at 7" they were more like 5.5" so to go reasonably deep with such a small box and drivers 96 db peaks were about the best I could expect from them being driven by a krell kav 300il. If 'The Music' sounds like the beethoven and can sustain 100 db spl average and handle peaks +/-10 db i'm interested.

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    Heard The Music sound very good at Soundings in Denver during RMAF years ago. Did not seem to be dynamically challenged to me. Heard them with Boulder, and Jeff Rowland electronics. Did not care for the sound when driven by the Boulder amps (2000 series I think), but sounded great with the Rowland amps. In my experience Vienna Acoustic speakers need an amp that can control the woofers to sound their best. Otherwise the bass is a little flabby. Don't even think about low powered tube amps.

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    thanks for the reply, My hegel H360 does a pretty nice job in that dept so I may pursue.

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