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Thread: Repairing mbl finish scratches?

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    Repairing mbl finish scratches?

    Hi folks,

    I long dreamed of owning MBL 101s but they have been financially out of reach. Fortunately, a few years ago, I happened upon a pair of MBL 121 monitors for sale. They had been damaged in shipping so I got an amazing deal
    on the little guys. I LOVE their sound as they really do give a nice helping of that MBL magic - and they are tonally gorgeous driven even by me "meagre" Conrad Johnson Premier 12 amps (I have a smallish room and don't listen very loud).

    Anyway, they do have some nicks and a few deep scratches I'd love repaired. Given the hard glossy finish on MBLs, how might I get those touched up? I'm wondering if my best bet is to take them to a place that does car finish touch ups or something.

    Any suggestions?


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    I guess this is the wrong forum to ask this question. Not much traffic. I'll try somewhere else as well.

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    Why not call Jeremy at MBL and ask him directly?
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    It's scary to give a recommendation because we don't know how MBLs are finished. Automotive paints and lacquers are fixed differently AFAIK. Best to ask MBL to be safe?
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    Yes, that makes sense. (I should have thought of that).

    I'll get in touch with MBL.

    Thanks for the replies!

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