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Thread: Every ending marks a new beginning... or which tonearm to choose :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by iaxel View Post
    Hi bonzo, sorry missed you question.
    Actually, I've had the chance to compare 2 versions of the ZYX Ultimate Omega:
    1) Gold wiring and high output (0.48)
    2) Silver wiring and low output (0.24)

    To my ears, the silver/low output version was much more resolving and dynamic, better overall. The gold/high output version was lusher and with less bite and attack. All in all, both are very refined cartridges, without sounding bright or etched - IMHO, this is the essence of high-end audio.
    Thanks, did you use a valve phono for the compares? If so, which one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzo75 View Post
    Thanks, did you use a valve phono for the compares? If so, which one?
    Used a Pass XP-25 (non-tube).

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