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Thread: TotalDac D1 Seven

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    TotalDac D1 Seven

    Hi, Has anyone listened to or compared this to the good old six, or any other top DACs, other than the Lampizator. Totaldac offers discount if (separate) Server is bought as a package so if anyone has experience with the server any opinions here would be appreciated too.

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    This just became available and it usually takes about a month for him to make, so I doubt anyone has the new one yet.

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    I have been exchanging emails with Vincent and he quoted me one week. Based on the sound of the six (which I have heard) and the twelve (which I haven't heard, but have read quite a bit about) I am thinking about buying it. I would love to hear any feedback though before I pull the trig.

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    You can read my past posts and figure out real quick what I think, but having owned the D1 Dual, the Monobloc, and now the Twelve, each and every single Totaldac has offered me more enjoyment than any other DAC at their price points. They truly are like picking out the turntable that you can afford. They all sound very analog, but you get more as you move up the line. More resolution, more scale, more more more. Forget the usual shortcomings. They do not exist here.

    I could enjoy and listen all day to Vincent's cheapest DAC. There is no other company's product lineup that I can say the same about all their DAC's. But like a drug, I had to have more more more once I got my foot in the door. Hope this helps.

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    Well I just put a hefty deposit down on the Seven. Should have it within 2 to 3 weeks. I figure even if it’s only a little better than the Six, I will be fine. I expect it will be more.

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    Good for you, and I expect to hear good things about the Seven from you. Congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamrael View Post
    TY. Will do.
    I'm also very interested in your thoughts on the Seven when you will have spent some time with it.
    Would the new Aqua Formula xHD be able to compete with the Totaldac Seven ?
    Both of these DACs are on my shortlist for my future upgrade.
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    Hi Iamrael,
    I am still very young (hihi) but finally quite old in totaldac with upgrades from the beginning of the range and now the SEVEN for a few weeks... so I can, serenely tell you that, the march proposed by this amazing SEVEN is more singular than all the previous ones, probably another dimension with a part of the stunning d1-Twelve genes that i know also quite well. For me, just a real new reference !

    and yet I still love the six and all these predecessors.


    PS : Thieliste, i don't know this Aqua Formula xHD but it should be severely powerful to play with this seven!
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    BF38, I'll ask again. Does the dac become more organic with break in? How many hours does it take? Thanks Jeff

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