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Thread: Recent Issue with my Krell Evolution Two Preamp!!! Any Ideas???

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    Recent Issue with my Krell Evolution Two Preamp!!! Any Ideas???

    I have a question regarding my Krell Evolution Two Preamplifier.

    I noticed when I powered up my Evolution Power Two from standby today, I received the following messages on the front of my right channel unit.

    First it said:
    DC offset found

    Followed by:
    Checking Outputs

    Followed by the following two messages.
    Cast Out 1
    Cast Out 2

    Finally it goes to S1 which is the default output.

    Then I can just hit the B1 output I am using to my matching Evolution One Mono Blocks.

    Music plays as normal with no issues. Is there something I need to address? Should I be concerned at all. It would cost a lot to ship back to Krell from Canada and was hoping it was an easy fix from my end. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated. The sound is fantastic as always just the few seconds longer to boot up.

    I have attached photos in sequence. I rarely use the cast cables as I prefer my balanced interconnects more.
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