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Thread: Wadia Repair

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    Wadia Repair

    For anyone with Wadia equipment in need of repair, apparently this is the factory authorized repair center for old school Wadia gear:

    George Meyer TV & Stereo
    4844 W. Jefferson Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90016
    Attn: Morris Polonski
    (310) 820-1113

    I can't speak for the quality of their repairs, but this is what I was told by Audio Research when I recently enquired about it.

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    OK, I now can speak to the quality of their repairs.

    I had an issue with my S7i where it suddenly started making a very high pitched whine from the power supply boards. It was present any time the unit was powered on, regardless of source and was coming from the boards, not through the audio output of the player.

    George Meyer diagnosed it and repaired it. It was by no means inexpensive, but for me it made the difference between being able to keep my S7i and having to sell it and purchase something else (and the repair did cost far less than even the most inexpensive comparable DAC let alone CD player.)

    If your beloved Wadia goes south and you want to keep it, be sure to give them a try, as Morris Polonski realizes that, in particular, Wadia and Levinson gear are statement pieces that people more often than not would like to have repaired if they can.

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