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Thread: sme 30/12 vs Lenco

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    sme 30/12 vs Lenco

    One my friend has Sme 30/12 with Sme V/12 and Atlas
    Pre and amp stereo top Convergent and Tad R1
    Now bought also Lenco with a plint of 60 kg,all from Canada with Dynavector 507 and XV1T

    He told me Sme with Atlas is more open and clean but he prefers Lenco because has more dynamic,more dense sound and sound seems more real
    Also 2 his friends prefer this Lenco.

    I will go to listen next days

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    compare apples to apples then it will be a fair comparison.... Put the SME arm and Atlas on the Lenco or the arm/cart from the Lenco on the SME and it will be apples to apples......
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    The right trial will be this
    Could be also change only cartridge the judgement can be different

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    Quote Originally Posted by gian60 View Post
    Name:  2017-09-27-PHOTO-00000002.jpg
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    This is Jean Nantais Reference Lenco MKII or MKIII.

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    And so starts the spectrum description of belt>idler
    Detail and imaging>density and texture

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    I asked my friend
    This is MK III

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    Lots of variables. I'd switch the two cartridges and see how the descriptions of the sounds change.
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    The dynamic and dense sound definitely does not come due to the carts here, because the XV1 is not more dynamic than the Atlas nor is it more dense.

    SME might be a tad too analytical for him with the Atlas, and might need AT, Koetsu, Zyx, etc etc...who knows what his preferences are. Lenco is probably benefiting from the detail that XV1 is giving it and Lyra will too.

    Another guy I know here with the Schopper TD 124 preferred it to his SME 30/2, and to his Brinkmann Lagrange, and PTP Lenco has been preferred to the Raven 1 and Verdier, so this is not uncommon. In Vinyl tough to make out anything from these moves. Lenco gives flexibility you can change arms easily.
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