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Thread: Torqueo ordered

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritofmusic View Post
    Joshua, can I ask how you find the sound of the Torqueo so far?
    There is no UK distrbr (so far), and so abs no chance of hearing this tt w'out travelling to the one or two European countries that deal with Torqueo, and that's obv not very practical.
    I'm very much in tune w the idler sound running a rim drive tt and having heard good results w modded Garrards and Lencos.
    So, I think I'd get on w the Torqueo, but we'd all benefit from first hand experiences of the table.
    I'm assuming w the name Torqueo, this is a high torque design as w all other idlers?
    got your email, but due to my schedule I will circle back with you after RMAF
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    Just ordered a torqueo idler this week as a dedicated Mono rig with new 12inch Jelco tonearm TK knife bearings with a Nasotec SPU swing headhell & Spu Mono & will swap out for Stereo with a London Reference always wanted a " Classic Idler Rig "
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    That will be a very nice set up, congrats!

    I would be very interested to hear how well the London Reference works with the Nasotec, but I don't want to derail Gian's thread so I'll start one specifically for this headshell..

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    Instead is interesting because if on Torqueo we put Koetsu arm,FR 64 or 66,Jelco,Ikeda,Saec,all these tonearms you can change the headshell,so are very interesting the experiences of everyone

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    Hi Gian, any news of yr Marsala?
    My interest in Torqueo cooled when it became apparent it wasn't possible to audition their tt ahead of potential purchase.
    But I'm still v interested in yr impressions.

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    Marsala will arrive end of this year
    Next week i will receive the T Base,26 kg the weight,that i will put at the moment under the Schopper

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    Today arrived the T Base
    Very good delivery box and very well done,seems has no vibration if you touch,i will put under the Schopper until when will arrive turntable,in jenuary

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    Have you enjoyed the t-base under your 124?
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