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Thread: Zero Distortion: Dohmann Helix 1 with Schroeder CB + MSL, Kuzma 4p + GFS, TAD Ref One, VTL, MSB

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    Hi Spirit.

    I hate screw down clamps ever since I owned a VPI TNT. The VPI record weight was a lot better. Couple that with the choice of the 3 small dampers, it made spinning records a bit of a pita. I understand the reasoning behind the 3 different dampers, however I own a record flattener so all my records are flat.

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    XV, got that.
    Record clamps, weights, periphery rings, vacuum hold down.
    All have their place, but certainly add to pfaffing about.
    It's bad enough we have to waste valuable time cleaning records and stylus LOL.
    I believe the new Monaco 2.0, a SNIP at $38k has a "simpler" pressure LED system clamp that intelligently tells you how tight is tight enough.
    Not sure if it dispenses w the different size washers.

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    Sorry in advance for the bad pic. This is my Artemis TL-1 12 inch( in Ebony) with the Lyra Atlas mounted on it. I'm VERY happy with this combination!

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    Nice Harry, since you have shun mooks, have you tried the shun Mook clamp, or the Dalby clamp?
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    Another very interesting report, Kedar!
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