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Thread: Horn Dispersion Wide or Narrow ,Which is prefered?

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    Well after looking and reading about several horns these are my current choices.

    Klipsch K402 and K510 tractrix
    Seos 30 & HF Waveguide
    TAD H4001 26 inch clone & Fostex H400, the clone is a Rey Audio...I have to do more research.

    All three are totally different and I really like the look of the TAD's and the cost of the Seos has to be taken into account. I could also go with a le Cleach HF horn up top to be really different.All these are 2 inch except the Fostex. Any thoughts.....

    P.s. I will be using TAD 3415 bass arrays for the LF and using TAD TD4001 drivers.
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