I am building a low power stereo amp ( 5.5W ) which roughly replicates an
internet posting " the 6CY7 amp". As part of this amp, I want a phono preamp
using one 6021 subminiature tube per channel ( 2 triodes per channel ).
I imagined that I would use the RCA manual application note for a 12AX7-based
phono preamp as a template. I'm open to other designs also. I need resistor
and capacitor RIAA compensation values for any specific design that will
work using one 6021 tube / channel. I may not be able to perform ( or even
understand ) the math involved to get there. I've already done construction
which would make it difficult to reverse direction and not use 6021's. I could
use another subminiature tube if 6021's just aren't advisable.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.