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Thread: An Important Announcement From Your WBF Admin Team

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    I am not privy to the totality of the reasons and their exact nature for your decision and, although I respect it, I would like to emphasise that controversy, disagreement and even adversity are beneficial to the process of exchange of ideas, knowledge and opinions, regardless of how loosely or strongly they are held. Like all of us, this is what Amir was, controversial or not. Usually, it is the fruit-bearing trees that are stoned! I will miss his input.

    I hope that I am not misinterpreted and misunderstood. Cheers, Kostas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthStar View Post
    I have never met Amir in person. But in my heart he is a good man, an intelligent man, a force to be reckon with, to learn from, to evolve with, to live with verve, with sensitivities. We all have sensitivities, we're humans, we're unique, we're less than perfect, we are weak, we are influential, we are who we are in the society we build together.

    EDIT: This is a very strange thread, unnecessary in my opinion. It creates animosity instead of building relationships.
    Amir is not a shark, he doesn't bite, he's a human being, a great human being like all of us.
    I hope someday we all wake up on the right side of the bed, the bright side.
    Nice post. Here I thought America was the land of free speech. I guess not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthStar View Post

    EDIT: This is a very strange thread, unnecessary in my opinion. It creates animosity instead of building relationships. .
    +1 .... If at all , should have culled him in the dark of the night over sea... Like Bin Laden . Instead of being paraded thru here .
    "It is music coming from another world, it is coming from eternity." ... HVK

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    I'm neither happy nor sad with this news, but I think it's a shame that it's come to this. Still, the forum will continue, Amir's forum will continue, and other things will come along to distract us in due course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XV-1 View Post
    Nice post. Here I thought America was the land of free speech. I guess not.
    Yup, lots of hypocrisy going around in this country of ours.

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    Since the general membership is not privy to the details of the legal agreement surrounding this issue and the history of administrative dealings here, it's understandable that some confusion and disappointment will be present. Thank you all for your comments.

    Thread closed.

    Lee Aldridge

    I post my own opinions except when posting as a moderator in green.

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