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Thread: DMA-240 vs DMA-180

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    DMA-240 vs DMA-180

    Hi all,

    I have a new 240 for offer with 30% off from Retail price. Still quite some money. My 180 is driving the Sasha Series 2 nicely and the 240 has less power. Can't compare A/B and the offer stands for just some days... what are your thoughts? Do it, don't do it? Is the Power of 240 enough for the power hungry Sasha 2?

    Any opinion welcome...
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    New 240? As in new from a dealer? Then take his demo home to compare. Or 'new' as in 'used' but it was new last week? If that, then the owner clearly doesn't like it
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    If you cannot compare the two amps then keep the DMA 180 that has been recently serviced. The DMA-180 was and still is a great amp.

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    Can anyone comment on the DMA-240? If I'm not concerned about balanced, then I'm assuming this is the amp to get instead of the extra up-charge for the 280. I'm surprised to see hardly any posts on the 240. Thank you.
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