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Thread: New Wadax Atlantis Line

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    Send it to jazzhead. He is a transport and dac collector
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzo75 View Post
    Send it to jazzhead. He is a transport and dac collector
    Swell idea !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esotar View Post
    Wadax Atlantis DAC is multibit ladder???

    In the post 21 of this thread, I ask the designer Javier Guadalajara about that point. He responds in post 28
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    Great news from Wadax !!!
    New Wadax Arcadia DAC release !!!

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    Wadax Atlantis combo at the listening of Audiotechnique Magazine, Hong Kong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CKKeung View Post
    Wadax Atlantis combo at the listening of Audiotechnique Magazine, Hong Kong.
    This Atlantis line is great. Looks I may hjave to recon sider my future NAGRA purchase !

    May be someone can answer my questions:

    - Is there a way I can use QOBUZ or DEEZER with the Atlantis Server ? and HQ player ?

    - Can the Server's integrated LCD display cover arts and album/track infos ? is it touch screen to select/skip tracks)

    - Finally, what are the list price of each of your Atlantis components (DACs, Transport, Server, and... the complete 4 pieces stack)

    PS: I do not understand how "atlantis can improve your VINYL listening experience" as it is stated on WADAX web site ? Is there a Phono input in the DAC ! any idea ?

    PS2 : Why 2 Ethernet cables coming out of the SERVER ? I guess the first one goes to the router/switch, but... what is the second for ?
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    PS3:some pictures like abobve show 2 USB port on thje back of the server, an d some, like bellow, show...3 usb ports ?? What is the final nuimber ? Why 2 or 3 USB ports ? (oner to the DAC I suppose, and the 2 others ? for USB HD/Stick ?)
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