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Thread: New Wadax Atlantis Line

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stereophonic View Post
    Anybody could change Wadas to Wadax on the Thread Head?
    Thank you
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    Thx Steve !!!

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    I had a look at the webpage

    Pretty dazzling looking

    Appears to suggest a different direction from the original Wadax, which was a digital all preamp including phono

    This seems more a digital straight solution with dac,sacd player and two piece DAC
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    The Wadax Atlantis Server retails for 19K and is available now in the US according to manufacturer. If someone has the opportunity to hear one, please let us know your thoughts.
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    Hi Marty.
    As you can see, i have one on demo from one week ago.
    I'll write my impressions after break in time.

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    At the end of the year, the new Arcadia DAC will be on the market. It seems about 14,000 €. The designer says that you will get 70% of what you get with Atlantis.Name:  34CB30BA-E518-45AA-8FF0-B49A858DCCED-2108-00000F3039A4303F.jpeg
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    There will be two different range lines. Atlantis and Arcadia.
    Twice with server, transport, dac, preamp, phono and mono amplifiers.
    Keep your eyes and ears open because this brand is doing things like nobody else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stereophonic View Post
    Hi Marty.
    As you can see, i have one on demo from one week ago.
    I'll write my impressions after break in time.
    Is there any technical details on this server that would justify its price? I don't see anything on their site.

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    Although the page has been changed recently, it still does not offer technical information of the products. I think it's a major mistake. People willing to buy technological products of that price, want to know the technical details of them. This is something I have talked to the distributor for Spain, with whom I have friendship, indicating that it should be brought to Javier Guadalajara (designer and owner of the company). On the other hand, and although the DAC is a frankly extraordinary product, I think they have made a strategic mistake. They have eliminated the RJ45 network entry. The designer argues that with the old Pre1 (which if it had) had many problems with UPnP, in networks with various Render and file servers and also believes that USB sounds better (no comments). Of course it is not my experience with Lumin and a quality network. In any case, I think it should give the two options Networks and USB and that is the user who chooses the one that prefers, or better still, a modular system like MSB. Or even explore the Ravenna protocol

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    Hi Guys,
    Thank you for your comments on our new Atlantis line. Our website was fully re-done and it came up online just a few weeks ago, right before the Munich show. We are already working to add more product specific info and description.

    Regarding RJ45 network entry, we provide support for it with Atlantis. Atlantis Server has uPnP and DLNA support. And the audio data link between Atlantis Server and Atlantis DAC is USB. So if a user wants to use uPnP / DLNA to control Atlantis family, he certainly can.
    All Atlantis DAC owners also have an Atlantis Server, so they can choose how to control it.

    There are many manufacturers adopting a uPnP network interface for audio. As said, we also support that option. But we recommend USB for the top setups. Every designer has it own path, we respect everyone else's and this is ours. But, why choose when you can have both... choose you flavor.


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