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Thread: 12" Tonearm for Lyra Etna Cartridge

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    Reed 2A 12" Tonearm for Lyra Etna Cartridge

    I recently purchased a used Dr. Feickert Blackbird II turntable that came with a 12" Reed 2A tonearm, and I'm planning on using my Lyra Etna cartridge with it.
    Is the Reed a good match for the Lyra?

    Thank you for any input!
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    Hi kdbrink, I have not used that exact combo, but I have heard both the arm and the cart separately. Used to own a Reed 3Q and 3P. Nice arms, no reason why the Lyra would not perform well.

    I traded in one of my Reeds in on a Schroder LT, and sold the other to afford the upgrade.

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    Thank you, Sean
    I appreciate the input. I have mounted the Etna on the Reed, but have to wait until the weekend to get it aligned and dialed in.

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