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Thread: Torqueo Releases Isolation Platforms

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    Torqueo Releases Isolation Platforms

    Introducing the T-BASE" anti-seismic platform

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    Top layer:

    3 cm of slate stone, with high precision CNC machining, to have a high level finish. Even the "Torqueo" and "T-BASE" logo are deep engraved with the CNC machine.

    Bottom Layer:

    This layer is composed of not resonant composite wood. This layer is in contact with slate stone, but not with the feet.


    These are made of pure wood of "Ip Lapacho". A tough hardwood (the hardest in the world) that has exceptional features for use in audio. Under your feet you can use simple felt, hard rubber or sorbothane. This depends on the underlying structure and the sound you want to get.

    New release price for US/Canada WBF members 1500 per T-Base. After July 31st pricing goes to 1650.00
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