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Thread: Advice for a new sub

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    Advice for a new sub

    Hi first time poster...

    I am looking to add a sub to my speaker and amp setup I have currently, and hoping for advice on which to look into more. Im looking for a little extra boom at the lower end for my movies while not sacrificing quality while listening to my vinyls. My room is about 13x20.

    Current setup is TT>Rega Brio>Dynaudio Emit

    Trying to decide between:

    REL T5
    SVS SB-2000
    Velodyne impact 12"
    BK xxls400

    Are there others I should look at? Which are the favorites of the above? Anything else I'm missing? I need something that will be ok with my Rega (power, speaker line, etc)


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    Look no further than JL Audio. I'm installing 2 of them in my room now.
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    Rythmik subs (servo/sealed) would be a great contender for your consideration. I'll also be installing two in my room within the next couple of months. I just so happen to be a big fan of servo subs.

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    Thank you Bruce and Tom, I will take a look

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    I've heard these- definitely worth considering.


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    I own a Rel T5, it's an excellent sub...particularly if you upgrade the connecting cable. However, I think in a room of your size, matching the size of the sub and its ability is crucial. The Rel T5 would be a little too small for that space, imho. Better to consider one of the slightly larger Rel models.

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    I would also look at SVS .. buy 2 ...
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    Either of these (Click on the sub names to go to the Seaton Forum to see them):

    Seaton F18's I have 4 of these (not 6 as in the photo), 2 in each of the front two corners, all driven by a single 4000 watt integrated amp in a Master/Slave configuration. Other amp/speaker configurations are possible.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.41.50 AM.jpg
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    Seaton SubMersive. I have two of these, also driven by a single 4000 watt amp in a Master/Slave configuration. These are dual opposed 15's

    Name:  Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.49.10 AM.jpg
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    I won't say they are the best subs available but having heard (and owned) many (including some mentioned above), they are the best I have ever heard.

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    I had a SVS SB13 Ultra, SVS SB16 Ultra, SVS PB200, Martin Logan Depth I, and JL Audio F110 v2. In the context of my system/room the F110 v2 has tight articulate bass and the most musical bass to my ears. In my opinion its not even close.

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