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Hi Ken,
sorry disturbing but, as you owned both 1010 and 2010 which are mainly differences? I mean they worth the extra ( large ) money? Thanks so much for reply.

I think both are wonderful preamps and frankly I could have been satisfied with the 1010 but I have a 2060 amp and I always wanted a 2010 to match. The 1010 is very fast and neutral. The 2010 simply gives you more - more of everything. I feel that the soundstage enlarged in depth and height. Perhaps (and maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) it is just ever so slightly warmer than neutral. As much as I enjoyed the 1010, having the 2010 in my system I couldn't see myself going back. On the other hand if I was on a budget I could easily consider the 1010. BTW, I believe the 1110 is out now.

I hope this helps in some way.